Mission Statement

The Mission of SAWLFA is to develop and grow essay editor the market for wood and laminate flooring products through:

  • Enhancing the awareness of wood and laminate flooring products.
  • The protection of the end-user (and the environment).
  • The education of industry players homework writing service in uk throughout the supply chain as well as the end-user.
This can be achieved through the following broad objectives:

Setting and maintaining industry standards through:

  • Providing a unified voice for the industry.
  • The authorship of standards in conjunction with the Standard South African and the Building Technology Division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • Qualification and Accreditation of Installers.
  • Establishment of guidelines and material for training and education of industry participants.
  • Playing an advisory role and providing impartial opinions to resolve problems and disputes.


Enlarging the market and improving customer service by:

  • Promoting wood and laminate flooring to the Southern African market.
  • Developing guidelines and frameworks for training and education of industry players and end-users.
  • Providing a central advisory forum for technical matters.